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Aug 9, 2013

Quick Episode Summary:

  • Details on submitting your podcast promos, Rockin’ Libsyn Podcast feature requests AND pitching your own segments to the show!
  • Featured podcasting articles and media plus what’s new on the Libsyn Blog.
  • The Social Media Conversation: Do you listen to your podcast once it’s published?
  • Rob and Elsie Conversation:
    • Our current podcasting set-up
    • Podcasting rituals + listening to your own podcast
    • 1 Billion podcast subscriptions in iTunes
    • iTunes SEO
    • Latest stats on Libsyn downloads per user agents aka where are people listening to your podcast?
    • The latest download stats for The Feed!
    • Podcasting futures discussion inspired by @UMiAudio aka Jackson Rogers from Podcasting FAQs
    • Libsyn Destinations: what they are and how to leverage them
    • Limiting your feed in Libsyn to avoid the Feedburner 512 kb limit
    • Rob comments on Techcrunch’s article: “Apple Developing Audio Hyperlinks, A Way For Audio Streams To Link To Other Media Or Control Devices”
    • Twitter followers do not equal podcast listeners

Featured Podcast Promos

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Libsyn social media community conversations

Elsie Escobar
ten and a half years ago

Hey Bob! How cool is that? I had no idea about all the stuff you talk about and Amadeus Pro! You're gonna have to send in a little podcast segment on that :)

Bob DeGrande
ten and a half years ago

I just found this podcast and I, like Elsie, use Amadeus Pro for podcast editing and find it to be a great time saver over Garageband, which I had formerly used. Its built in normalization and compression are good, so I don't have to use Levelator, which is no longer being developed for the Mac, and its batch processing lets me put those effects into a batch and run it on multiple files if needed. It is also much simpler to make volume adjustments (and possible over a much wider range), but my absolute favorite feature is the trial edit. You highlight what you intend to delete, press the 'e' key, and it plays back the sound without the highlighted part. If it is good, hit delete, if not, highlight again and hit 'e'. Much faster than delete, play back, undo for a very routine operation that you do all the time.