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Aug 23, 2013

Quick Episode Summary:

  • Housekeeping and how to get featured as a Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts as well as where to send your podcast promos!
  • What’s new on the Libsyn Blog as well as a super quick catch up on the Social Media conversation on Twitter and Facebook
  • Rob and Elsie Conversation:
    • Discussion of feedback from Kevin Bachelder from Tuning In To Scifi TV
    • Feedback on the blog from: Bob DeGrande on Amadeus Pro and Steve from The Money Plan SOS Podcast
    • Discussion of podcasting articles from The Money Pillow, Blog Tips, USA Today and New Media Expo.
    • Should we add your promos as podcast episodes in between proper The Feed Episodes? YOUR feedback requested!
    • What are Libsyn slugs or what is a show slug
    • Your show surveys and why they are important
    • Failure to parse server and
    • The latest download stats for The Feed as well as our top user agents
    • Prove Rob wrong! Send feedback about all the feedback that you get via SpeakPipe!
  • Rick Mulready Marketing Your Podcast Interview
    • Addressed James Harmer from the Improve Photography Podcast about not having time to see everything we do three times.
    • What are the best social media practices for podcasters with no business know-how and no budget to drive listeners
    • Feedback from David Dear about the most common social media venues and which are the most significant
    • From Greg Elwell on best practices and rules of thumb on how often to promote.
    • From Aaron Barney how to use Facebook Fan Pages to maximize listeners
    • From Joshua Liston on whether or not the quality of your show is enough or should you promote
    • Discussion on the @spiderman tweet about The Overheard Podcast

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