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Mar 2, 2014

Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro
  • Shout-Out To Gamertag Radio
  • The Gass House Podcast Promo
  • Dave Gertler from The Tennis Days Podcast
  • New Podcasting Groups for Women on Facebook
  • Switched On Podcast Promo
  • Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts
  • Cybrcast Podcast Promo
  • Rob and Elsie Conversation
    • Congrats to Mur Lafferty!
    • How to get more FEEDBACK for your show.
    • Teaching your audience how to consume your podcast - do you have a tutorial?
    • Rob’s 5 year old son has a podcast.
    • Lot’s of people having issues with Feedburner feeds and others this week
    • Anybody out there using Feedblitz?
    • Mobile podcast download stats - re-visited - thanks Steve Stewart ;)
    • How best to use tags and categories within Libsyn; Thank you DisAfterDark, Jessica Kupferman and Sandy Sidhu for the questions!

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