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Oct 9, 2016

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :11
  • Promo 1: The Quest For Magic And Steele 1:33
  • The Libsyn Blog info 1:51
  • Promo 2: Talk, Tales and Trivia 3:01
  • How we feature you! 3:28
  • Promo 3: What A Predicament 5:15
  • Rob & Elsie Conversation 5:43
    • International Podcast Day re-cap - we did it!
    • We discuss Nielsen getting into the podcasting stat measurement game
    • Updates on Spotify and what’s going on over there for podcasters!
    • What you guys wanted to know about over at the Facebook Page: Google Play, iHeart Radio and set-top boxes!
    • The best audio feedback about Spanish Podcasters via Craig and Pilar 25:32
    • What if a podcast directory posts your stuff and you don’t want it to be up there? We discuss iVoox
    • Why does podcasting still need RSS and it’s discovery problem?
    • What if you upload a file and Libsyn says you’ve run out of space? You won’t believe why that error appears most of the time
    • When you were fired because of your podcast
    • Some workflows for when two hosts are on the road and want to keep it light and easy while they podcast
    • Guess what happened when a senior producer at CNBC heard a podcast?
    • Libsyn apps now support Apple Watch and it’s super cool!
    • Otto Radio is hiring…just in case you’re interested
    • Congrats to Mignon Fogarty and MacMillan for being so awesome
    • Why Do You Hate Us Segment: The Sleep Whispers Podcast 1:15:12
    • Natalie Eckdahl asks what exactly constitutes a download?
    • Stats, stats, stats! Median and mean numbers - the latest and greatest

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