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Apr 22, 2020

Covering, #Reviews4Good, the iPhone SE and podcasters, COVID–19 episode takedown updates AGAIN, ad buyer data, update on the Podcast Discovery survey, and of course stats stats stats! Geographic and user agent! Plus many, many more in between topics.

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Quick Episode Summary

  • :07 Intro!
  • 2:57 PROMO 1: The Football History Dude
  • 3:27 Rob and Elsie conversation
  • Elsie has a new piece of tech!
  • Podchaser’s initiative #Reviews4Good, and we’re joining in!
  • The iPhone SE announced and why that affects podcasters
  • Update on episodes being taken down because of COVID–19
  • 16:36 PROMO 2: Podcasting Tips From The Front Porch
  • Why are not all episodes showing up on the Google Podcasts feed?
  • How to deal with the drastic difference in levels when using classical music in a podcast
  • Problems with a MacBook Pro 2015 and Skype, help?
  • Have any of you used Cleanfeed to record your podcast?
  • Is there a way to only have your podcast show up on Apple Podcasts and nowhere else?
  • Where have YOU been?
  • The goats and Zoom get a shout-out!
  • Worst email of the week! We promise you won’t believe it
  • More data, insight and analysis from the Podcast Discovery Survey
  • Rob makes a Google Play Music correction
  • 44:27 PROMO 3: Controller Disconnected
  • Stats! Country, user agent and pandemic download numbers
  • Apple’s Mobility Trend Reports
  • Where have we been and where are we going

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