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Jun 30, 2020

BTS of how Rob G ended up as Chairperson of The Podcast Academy, and you won’t believe it! Levelator updated for Catalina, SiriusXM acquires Simplecast, Spotify signs more exclusive deals, Skype/eCamm Call Recorder issues, call in number services for your show, does episode level artwork matter? Episodic vs serial podcast stats, Twitter audio, advanced stats, this time geographic and user agent and oh so much more!

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Quick Episode Summary

  • :13 Intro
  • 2:36 PROMO 1: Jeep Talk Show
  • 3:12 Rob and Elsie Conversation
  • We have a guest! Double Rob time!
  • Levelator was updated for Catalina. It’s a miracle!
  • Sirius XM acquires Simplecast
  • Stitcher for sale?
  • Spotify keeps on signing more exclusive podcasts + some BTS from Rob G on being at Podcast One when Snookie did her show
  • Guess what? User agents for all Apple Podcasts stuff is now ALL ONE.
  • SSL certificate updates
  • More Skype troubleshooting and eCamm Call Recorder - help?
  • 19:03 Diving into all things call-in numbers for your podcast
  • Rob W has things to say about WWDC 2020 and exactly how many times podcasts were mentioned and what that means
  • 28:52 Some extra data on how many podcasts use the serial vs episodic
  • Elsie’s daughter was featured on Ochenta Stories!
  • Twitter is rolling out an audio functionality - woah
  • Castro got an update and Elsie is happy
  • 47:48 PROMO 2: Books and Ideas
  • 48:35. All about episode level artwork with tons of incredible tips as to why or why not use it
  • Podcast Academy talk time! Rob G goes all in giving us insight into the why of The Podcast Academy
  • So, podcaster IP issues
  • Mini podcast soap box from Rob W about the first podcast about podcasting
  • 1:38:14 PROMO 3: Weird Darkness
  • 1:39:10 It’s stats time! Yas! User agent info
  • Where have we been? And where are we going?

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