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Sep 7, 2021

On this episode you’ll get the scoop on exactly where GGTOTDTY came from, how to get a network on Apple Podcasts, changes coming to YouTube, the Google Podcasts update, how to make your influence go down, the upcoming Latino Podcasts Non-Listener report, what kind of stats should you expect to get from your show and of course that takes us into the mean and median download stats!

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Quick Episode Summary

  • :13 Intro
  • 2:39 PROMO 1: Tomorrow’s Legends
  • 3:18 Rob and Elsie conversation
  • Recounting exactly where GGTOTDY came from! Thank you Matt!
  • Rob shares his thoughts about Only Murders in the Building and podcasting
  • Why someone can’t find their network in Apple Podcasts, only individual shows
  • Some changes coming to YouTube that might affect podcasters
  • Google Podcasts has rolled out and update!
  • 19:50 PROMO 2: Jack Russell Parents
  • Rob is looking for podcasts hosted on Libsyn to submit to Amazon Music to submit for a Halloween feature
  • A way to to bulk migrate shows that are already on Apple Podcasts to a new Apple ID
  • It looks like Facebook Podcasts have rolled out to Android users!
  • 30:00 Audio feedback from John: Headliner is awesome and promote during Promote Yourself Friday!
  • Seems like if you go behind a paywall, your influence goes down
  • There’s a new app called Shuffle
  • Shout out to Relay.FM and St. Jude - DONATE
  • Check out The International Women’s Podcast Awards!
  • Discussing the Latino Podcaster Non-Listener Report and Elsie co-hosting with Gabe
  • Apple is going to allow direct links from apps to sign up for premium content
  • Facebook Podcast numbers seems to be having an impact on download numbers
  • What are the kind of stats that you should expect to get from your show
  • 1:03:34 PROMO 3: Great Monologues Coaching Call Podcast
  • 1:04:06 Stats - mean and median
  • Where have we been!

Featured Podcast Promo + Audio

Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro!

Podcasting Articles and Links mentioned by Rob and Elsie

Where Libsyn is going


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