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Dec 23, 2013

Merry Happy Holidays!

Not like our usual episodes. This is all about fun and heart and the last episode of The Feed for 2013!!! Rob and I get together with Ken Ray from Mac OS Ken as well as through time and space with the awesome Mignon Fogartyfrom Grammar Girl. We discuss all things gadgets, tech, gifts, wants and...

Dec 15, 2013

Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro
  • What About Pod Promo
  • On the Libsyn Blog
  • Beats & Eats Promo
  • Podcasting in the News
  • Fire on the Mound Promo
  • Chris Hache from The Voices of Canadian Leadership
  • Rob and Elsie Conversation
    • The Recap 2!
    • Windows 8 Network App (The Podcast Source)
    • Libsyn 4 has been released
    • No, you can’t...

Nov 29, 2013


(In order of appearance)

  • Saturday Morning Theater
  • Reality Check with Craig Price
  • Daily Adventure Tales with Laurie Weaver
  • Down These Mean Streets
  • Jim1537’s Metaphysical Tools For Transformation
  • The Uglee Truth
  • Pizza Beer Revolution
  • The Ramen Noodle: Clean Comedy Podcast
  • EMTF Podcast
  • I Heard it Was...

Nov 15, 2013

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro: We need more promos and Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts!
  • Shout outs to: Izabela and Mike from Music Radio Creative, Jason from Podcast 101 and Craig from Reality Check Podcast
  • Premier Punditry Promo
  • On the Libsyn...

Nov 2, 2013

Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro
  • First Things Podcast promo
  • On the Libsyn blog
  • Big Picture Science Promo
  • About Holiday Podcasts
  • Australian Podcasters
  • JB Lopez feedback
  • Airspeaker promo
  • Rob, Greg and Elsie conversation
    • The Apple event + The State of Podcasting
    • Libsyn4 Talk with Greg
    • Greg answers questions from our