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May 30, 2023

Libsyn and Amazon Music Join Forces to Showcase Book-Related Podcasters, The decisions in Gonzales v Google and Twitter v Taamneh for podcasting, Workflow using the Libsyn social destinations calendar and great tips for using Libsyn Studio, The new Mackie DLZ Creator And data from the IAB Revenue Report for Podcast Advertising 2022

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Quick Episode Summary

  • Intro
  • (1:55) PROMO 1: Within The Trenches
  • (2:25) Rob and Elsie conversation
  • (3:33) Libsyn and Amazon Music join forces to showcase book-related podcasters
  • (6:08) Custom domains on Libsyn 5!
  • (9:12) Looking to plan uploading your episodes through the summer? We have the workflow
  • (15:07) The rulings that leave Section 230 untouched
  • (19:37) Audacity workflows
  • (22:34) Kast Media's acquisition by Live One
  • (22:59) Using the social media calendar within Libsyn
  • The best way to remove an episode from your feed
  • (26:45) Transitioning pre-recorded live streams to podcast episodes with an added intro using Libsyn Studio
  • (29:21) Best way to track ROI when running a promotional campaign in another podcast
  • (30:12) Updating Apple Podcasts information within Libsyn and why
  • (35:23) PROMO 2: Pub Songs
  • (36:01) The new Mackie DLZ Creator
  • (41:34) A way to use podcast RSS feeds
  • (43:54) A podcast player that can search descriptions for Android
  • (46:19) Fixing screwed up bullet points in shownotes
  • (49:08) Google says it will delete inactive gmail accounts
  • (50:42) Worst email of the week
  • (53:48) Promo 3: 3 Pillars Podcast
  • (54:33) Stats: IAB Revenue Report for Podcast Advertising for 2022
  • (58:03) Where have we been where are we going?

Featured Podcast Promo + Audio

Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro!

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