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Jan 19, 2014

012 iTunes Search Optimization, Libsyn Storage Change, and When Should Things Change?

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro -hello!
  • The Law Abiding Biker Podcast Promo
  • Audio feedback from Remi from the Sci-fi Movie Podcast
  • The Stitcher Awards
  • The Blind Sport Podcast
  • Gamertag Radio Podcast Awards snippet
  • When should you change what you’re doing? Or should you?
  • Adventures of Creative Entrepreneurship Podcast Promo
  • On the Libsyn Blog
  • The 10 Percent Podcasting Project
  • Marshal Stevenson from the Expert Empire podcast and more (The New Media Expo floor series)
  • Rob and Elsie
    • Libsyn storage change
    • Libsyn 4 is here. Get familiar with it
    • NMX re-dux
    • Can you have a stand alone app for your podcast? Yes you can.
    • an easier Google Hangout
    • There is no discovery problem in iTunes people!
    • iTunes search advice for Greg Hickman from the Mobile Mixed Podcast
    • There is a kickstarter podcasting documentary!
    • Blip no longer supporting RSS and using the iTunes new feed tag
    • Shows not showing up on the Apple Podcasts app do to a Feedburner issue
    • REQUEST! What transcription services do you use?
    • Speakpipe feedback from Ileane requesting a cheat sheet for user agents!
    • Speakpipe feedback from Clark about best practices about podcaster meet-ups and how to run them.
    • Email feedback from Colby Jackson about the Libsyn templates
    • Facebook question: what is the Libsyn policy for archiving from those that have chosen to switch to Libsyn.
    • Feedback from Mark deVol, when will I get paid for app sales?

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