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Nov 15, 2015


Enter the Thanks, Podcasting Project for a chance to win a FREE year of podcast hosting with Libsyn

Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :20
  • Promo 1: The Productive Woman Podcast 2:06
  • On the Libsyn Blog! 2:36
  • Promo 2: Healthcare Tech Talk 4:18
  • How you can win a free year of podcast hosting! And how you can be featured on the podcast and blog 4:48
  • Promo 3: Jeep Talk Show 5:49
  • Rob & Elsie Conversation 6:22
    • The Thanks, Podcasting Project! Win a free year of hosting
    • Rob got a new toy, the iPad Pro is in the house!
    • Why is Google Play Music only in the US? 18:37
    • Follow up on having zero downloads and no downloads
    • Is there any way to get monthly stats that go back further than 3 months?
    • Feedburner feed to the Libsyn feed and having issues with the other podcatchers 27:54
    • Should you fill out all the publishing fields in Libsyn and create ID3 tags as well?
    • Putting the title of your show into the episode title does not help at all, it just makes your episode title look wonky
    • Rob found the found something very interesting about the Podcasts App, and it has to do with the
    • Complaints about ‘owning your feed’ and what it really means
    • Who is America’s best history teacher? Elsie gushes about a podcaster
    • Castro is also doing the patronage model! And Elsie is super stoked about it
    • It’s stats time again! Mean, median AND user agents gallore

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