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Apr 3, 2016

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :11
  • Promo 1: 5 Minute Mojo 2:19
  • Audio Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts! Polyamory Weekly 3:25
  • Promo 2: Free Crochet Patterns 8:26
  • Brief intro to our awesome guests! 8:52
  • Promo 3: Attagirl 11:06
  • Conversation with Jenna and Bodhi Elfman from The Kicking And Screaming Podcast! 11:38
  • Rob & Elsie Conversation 49:11
    • Libsyn release! ID3 tag goodness and color swatches fun
    • Shout out to The Best of The Left Podcast for their 1000th episode. Woah
    • Tip using bit(dot)ly and your iTunes URL within emails
    • Following up about having a native app for Apple TV
    • How do you find out what artwork works the best in iTunes?
    • Snapchat audio feedback from Tom about content disappearing 1:13:46
    • A live streaming site just for podcasters?
    • Selecting the custom player site
    • Big shout out to a new feed validator!
    • What’s a good workflow for encoding to a final MP3 via Garageband into iTunes?
    • Audio Canva tip via Win 1:32:53
    • Question abotu setting default destinations within the Libsyn Dashboard from Liz Covart 1:36:55
    • Is it worth submitting to iHeartRadio if it’s so hard?
    • All of a sudden Rob and Elsie start giving business advice
    • Rob requests some advice from you guys! Should Adam Carolla clean up his language to get more sponsors?
    • Why did they leave us segment 1:53:10
    • The 2016 Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame Inductees have been announced!
    • Median and mean stats for the month!

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