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Jan 6, 2018

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :07
  • Audio Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts: Barca Talk 3:01
  • How you can be featured by Libsyn! 6:26
  • Elsie and Rob Conversation 8:42
    • A bit of a chat about Skype and High Sierra
    • And goodness Spectre and Meltdown
    • Libsyn went shopping and got themselves Pair!
    • Who is Pair? The scoop
    • There is a secret tool to make your input of all the new iTunes New Feed Tags waaaaay easier, and guess who gets the scoop? The Feed listeners!
    • PROMO 1: Making it Real Audio 17:15
    • It seems that podcasting has gone totally mainstream on mainstream media! Rob shares when this happened and Elsie shares the latest expression
    • Sound quality of FB video
    • The proper way to fill out your Spotify account so that it’s accepted
    • Tips for making sure your shownotes are nicely formatted - workflow and apps included
    • There is a Libsyn Status page, did you know? #ItsNotMeItsYou
    • How the biggest shows optimize for SEO and optimize social media
    • Congrats to all the finalists and winners of the Parsec Awards!
    • PROMO 2: Paranormal Thoughts 48:19
    • FYI you only need to submit once to Stitcher, GPM and Apple Podcasts, etc.
    • Seeing your Apple consumption stats when you are an OG podcaster that started your podcast way before Podcasts Connect
    • Squarespace has added the ability to add in a redirect for just your RSS feed!
    • Rob has made some predictions about podcasting in 2018
    • Does Libsyn have any safeguards to prevent third parties from skewing download stats?
    • Legacy stats are no longer updating
    • Yes, Libsyn DOES count download numbers from Stitcher and Overcast
    • Will a native download app for Android really affect podcast consumption?
    • PROMO 3: Dudes with Brews on a Porch 1:09:43
    • Stats! Median and mean numbers for November until the end of December 2017

Featured Podcast Promos + Audio

Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro!

Podcasting Articles and Links mentioned by Rob and Elsie

Where is Libsyn Going? (In Real Life)


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