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Jan 26, 2021

Podcast etiquette, the power of clean HTML, Hopin acquisition of Streamyard, podcasters with COVID, Apple Spotlight and subscription speculation, clarifications, updated ad insertion tools, the power of Destinations, square vs wide format podcast art, geographic and user agent stats and oh, so much more

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Quick Episode Summary

  • :13 Intro
  • 3:25 PROMO 1: The Perfect Stool
  • 3:55 Rob and Elsie Convo!
  • Kale is powerful!
  • Copyright follow-up “2018 - 2021” or just “2021”?
  • Does every Season have to start with episode 1? It depends
  • Podcast etiquette question: when are you off the podcast record?
  • 19:38 Making sure your HTML is clean so you don’t have any RSS feed issues! Audio feedback from Carey Green
  • Hopin buying Streamyard!
  • Now you can put lip stick on and grow a beard via Zoom
  • Wishing good health to podcasters Greg and Jennifer Willits
  • Apple has a new Spotlight section
  • Speculation on Apple adding a subscription service
  • How to NOT be in Google Podcasts
  • 47:04 Podcast 2.0 Namespace and Podcast Index acknowledgement and update
  • Our ad insertion tools now have an updated HTML 5 slot picker replacing the flash based one!
  • 58:00 Awesome feedback on an easy way to grow your audience via Blogger - audio feedback from Bill
  • Spotify’s investments may not be paying off
  • Why did you leave us? First, a blog, then a podcast
  • When should you use naked links so they show up in Apple Podcasts?
  • 1:10:36 PROMO 2: Hacker Valley Studio
  • Pocketcasts is for sale
  • Why you should fill out your Author filed in the Apple Podcasts Podcast optimization section
  • Dan Le Batard left ESPN and negotionated control of his RSS feed!
  • Where do you use square artwork and where do you use the wide format?
  • There is a lot, lot lot of room for growth in the podcasting space
  • 1:24:20 PROMO 3: Spun Today
  • 1:24:49 Stats: geographic and user agent
  • Where have we been?
  • Where are we going?

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