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Feb 8, 2022

Starting off with thoughts on to the JRE/Spotify things, Libsyn has a new Chief Product Officer! Tips on being on mic, question on removing mouth noises, and boy do we go into the weeds into all kinds of tech gear. Responding to the New Libsyn feedback, HBO Max has podcasts, mean and median download stats and so much more!

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Quick Episode Summary

  • :13 Intro
  • 3:06 PROMO 1: Toward A Better Life
  • 3:34 Rob and Elsie conversation
  • The story that has dominated podcasting for the past 2 weeks!
  • You can now find The Feed if you search for it in Apple Podcasts. Finally!
  • What you need to consider as you design your artwork
  • Libsyn has a new Chief Product Officer
  • Troubleshooting audio and microphone issues
  • Anybody has good workflows for removing mouth noises?
  • How to automate sharing the latest podcast episode across multiple websites
  • 29:33 PROMO 2: Shame Piñata
  • Teleprompters, Ecamm Live, Sony ZV-E10, and all the workflows
  • Elsie is currently using pretty awesome headphones, Shure SRH440A
  • Libsyn 5 Feedback
  • Big congrats to celebrating a 400th episode! Anyone else out there? Shout-out The Language of Bromance
  • The best affiliate code ever, and how to sign up for our affiliate program!
  • 47:06 Audio Feedback about our TikTok webinar!
  • Should you have more than 1 YouTube Channels?
  • Google Podcasts has started to send you exactly how many plays you have on that platform
  • HBO Max has podcasts!
  • 57:47 PROMO 3: Outdoor Biz Podcast
  • 58:52 Stats! Mean and median numbers
  • Where have we been and where are we going!

Featured Podcast Promo + Audio

Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro!

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