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Nov 15, 2022

Libsyn Studio update, a special live recording of The Feed, Libsyn 5 refresh is live plus feedback on Libsyn Connect, the great Twitter migration, clarifying platform TOSs, the impact of being everywhere, tools for podcast planning in 2023, getting fired because of your podcast, the indypod census and as always download stats, this time, geographic and user agent.

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Quick Episode Summary

  • :13 Intro
  • 1:08 Interested in getting access to Libsyn Studio email yvette(at)libsyn(dot)com!
  • 2:35 PROMO 1: Copaganda
  • 3:14 Rob and Elsie conversation
  • 3:59 We'll be recording a LIVE EPISODE OF THE FEED on November 30!
  • 5:24 The Libsyn 5 refresh is live - let us know if you have any feedback product(at)libsyn(dot)com
  • 7:32 A Libsyn Connect testimonial
  • 10:44 The great Twitter migration, and where podcasters are going
  • 13:32 Diving into Mastodon
  • 32:00 When TOS are scary and how Libsyn solves that problem
  • 35:28 Audio feedback from Mark on why it's awesome to be everywhere
  • 39:32 Tools for podcast planning in 2023
  • 41:24 Follow up from Rob on podcast artwork feedback
  • 42:56 Looking for a computer voice over solution
  • 47:50 When you update an episode with a new file where does it remain, and where does it change?
  • 52:22 PROMO 2: Within The Realm
  • 53:02 Do you need help with fixing a piece of audio?
  • 54:48 Is it possible to get fired for having a podcast?
  • 55:49 Losing 2 podcast hosting companies, Hipcast and Sounder with a pivot
  • 56:28 Deadline for the submitting for the 2023 Ambies is November 18
  • 57:13 Are people listening to the audio or watching the video for podcasts?
  • 59:54 Does the industry include video views as podcast downloads for shows? Or it is still seen as separate
  • 1:04:02 How to gage podcast listenership
  • 1:06:17 PROMO 3: That's All Funny
  • 1:06:52 Stats: geographic and user agent
  • 1:11:31 Where have we been?
  • Where are we going?

Featured Podcast Promo + Audio

Where have we been and where are we going

Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro!

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