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Aug 22, 2023

Alex Cooper from Call Her Daddy launches her own network called “Unwell” and media habits of Gen Z, nope, Apple was not censoring, Rob breaks down Glenn Beck's RSS feed (although the takedown was all about a trademark issue. MacWhisper! Podcast Audio Quality Grader, Squadcast joining Descript and all kinds of libsyn PR releases! Chuck Cargile as New Chief Financial Officer, Libsyn's Advertisecast signs Exclusive Ad partnership with Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People podcast! Predictive Contextual Targeting for Enhanced Podcast Advertising Precision and Effectiveness And stats! Geographic and user agent!

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Quick Episode Summary

  • (3:17) PROMO 1: 7sumwhere
  • (3:37) Rob and Elsie conversation
  • (5:17) Libsyn welcomes Chuck Cargile as new chief financial officer
  • (8:40) Libsyn's Advertisecast signs exclusive partnership with Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People
  • (10:52) Best practices for getting your podcast artwork ready
  • (16:10) Apple did not censor Glenn Beck
  • (19:10) MacWhisper!
  • (21:01) Follow up for Feedswaps
  • (26:39) PROMO 2: The Strokecast, the PFO episode
  • (27:33) Alex Cooper from Call Her Daddy launched her own network called "Unwell"
  • (29:17) The media habits of Gen Z
  • (33:00) Oh! A way to grade your podcast!
  • (34:12) Squadcast joins Descript
  • (35:08) When a podcast doesn't update on 3rd party apps
  • (39:02) The difference between evergreen and timely
  • (41:07) Libsyn introduces predictive contextual targeting
  • (46:34) Promo 3: The Next Feed
  • (48:56) Stats! Geographic and user agents
  • (53:45) Where have we been and where are we going!

Featured Podcast Promo + Audio

Where have we been and where are we going

Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro!

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