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Jul 16, 2016

Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :12
  • Promo 1: Mile After Mile Podcast 2:15
  • Audio Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts: Motherhood in Hollywood 2:46
  • Promo 2: 40 Plus Fitness Podcast 7:48
  • How we feature you! 8:25
  • Promo 3: Michigan Family Wellness Podcast 9:57
  • Rob & Elsie Conversation 10:28
    • Press Release! A new publishing destination to iHeart Radio!
    • A quick run-down of the iHeart destination as well as our other feature releases
    • Catching up about Chicago and Podcast Movement 2016
    • How to set up destination stats for your account
    • Awesome post by Mignon Fogarty on Mediashift about YouTube!
    • What to do if you have explicit content on YouTube?
    • Congrats to Mur Lafferty on her book Shambling Guides acquired by Netflix!
    • Podcast Movement REDUX
    • Audio feedback from Natalie about Podcast Movement 53:06
    • The podcast guests service
    • Apple split the Podcast section of iTunes support to now have a Podcasts for iOS App forum
    • Audio feedback from Nobilis…we totally missed the boat? 59:34
    • Audio feedback from Steve Stewart giving advice about publishing to a destination and keeping your dates! 1:04:55
    • Getting custom buttons for your custom Libsyn Player!
    • So is Audible podcasting? We do discuss the good and everything in between
    • Best practices for sharing your survey for your podcast
    • An update for all of those Evernote lovers
    • Should you go back and re-edit all of your prior ID3 tags???
    • Do you really need an episode 0? And does it have to be a ‘good’ episode 0?
    • How many episodes should you launch with?
    • Can you make some episode private and share with people in advance?
    • OMG no, we don’t go into the N&N conversation AGAIN
    • The “if I had a nickel each time” category of email
    • Have you heard of that app? iShowU Audio Capture?
    • Are you a podcaster in KC, Minneapolis, Chicago or DC you need to contact Rob!
    • STATS TIME!!!!

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Where is Libsyn Going? (In Real Life)


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