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Mar 5, 2024

We cover the release of IAB Podcast Metrics V2.2 for public comment; using community volunteers for human-assisted transcripts and addressing common transcription questions; Elsie's thoughts on the risks of "magically replying" on social media; Rob's take on the potential impact of iOS 17 and Q1 ad changes; effective podcast marketing tactics ranging from vinyl-wrapped cars to Overcast ads and guerrilla approaches; how programmatic ads can provide modest but meaningful income; a discussion of the Edison Research Share of Ear Report; and a look at podcast stats, geographic and user agent data. With insights on metrics, marketing, monetization, industry trends and more, this episode has something for podcasters at every level!

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Quick Episode Summary

  • (2:24) PROMO 1: The Mandalore
  • (3:22) Rob and Elsie conversation
  • How about them Chiefs? And Rob is back
  • (9:43) The IAB Podcast Metrics V2.2 is now available for public comments.
  • (11:27) The influence of podcast hosts! A report
  • (17:25) Jay on podcast transcripts - audio feedback
  • (25:39) Follow up on opting out of podcast transcripts
  • (33:02) Magic Reply and Elsie's soapbox about its impact on social media interaction
  • (39:39) Rob shares the impact and what he calls "the perfect storm" of iOS 17 + Q1 + programmatic ads
  • (43:24) PROMO 2: Everyone Is Moving To Berlin
  • (45:05) Marketing: social?
  • (49:21) Marketing: Overcast ads
  • (54:24) The impact of the programmatic Paul audio feedback
  • (58:24) Guerrilla marketing tactics and vinyl on your vehicle! Darren audio feedback
  • (1:05:28) Edison Research's Quarterly Share of Ear Report with interesting results on podcast listening in urban vs rural areas
  • (1:08:08) PROMO 3: The Strokecast about Voice Over
  • (1:08:53) Stats: geographic and user agent
  • (1:13:49) Where have we been and where are we going?

Featured Podcast Promo + Audio

Where have we been and where are we going

Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro!

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