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Apr 9, 2024

No more Google Podcasts? George Carlin's estate reaches settlement after AI Podcast, marketing your episodes with Apple Podcasts and the new transcripts feature! Two soapboxes πŸ‘€ Rob on Bill Maher refusing to stop the smoke for Steve-O, and Elsie's, on marketers and the misleading headlines! Big ups to Ashley Carman for her piece on some of the biggie podcasts using app game marketing, discussing The Infinite Dial 2024, and March's downloads stats! User agent and geographic!

πŸ‘€ Sign up for this event featuring the YouTube Podcasting Team with Libsyn! All about YouTube + RSS + Podcasting! β†’ Elevating Your Podcast with YouTube Podcasts: A Walkthrough

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Quick Episode Summary

(2:51) PROMO 1: United We Spay

(3:39) Rob and Elsie conversation A tiny bit of chit chat 

(5:36) No more Google Podcasts? What you can expect, a message from the Google Podcast team

(10:06) Attend our even with the YouTube Podcasts Team!

(11:43) Update on Apple Podcasts search, guess what else gives you search results? Info directly from the Apple Podcasts Team!

(18:28) Levelator work with the M2 MacBook Pro!

(21:12) George Carlin's estate reaches settlement after the A.I podcast situation

(28:11) Very creative and easy way to market your show on social media using Apple Podcasts transcripts!

(30:33) Shout-out to Podcraft! Doing the work for independent podcasters

(32:40) PROMO 2: Rewind Rewatch

(33:42) Soapbox 1 - Bill Maher one day of no smoke, that is all, one day of no smoke

(36:58) Soapbox 2 - Make your headline promoting your thing reflect the actual content

(41:33) Spotify podcast trends report and why we are bringing it to you for YOU to evangelize

(48:40) Shout-out to Ashley Carman on covering the use of game ads for podcasts and how they are proving to be quite problematic

(57:10) Edison Research's The Infinite Dial 2024 redux!

(1:01:15) PROMO: Craftlit

(1:02:44) Stats, geographic and user agents

(1:07:20) Libsyn Ads advertising rates for March

(1:10:19) Where have we been and where are we going?

Featured Podcast Promo + Audio

Where have we been and where are we going

Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro!

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