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Jan 10, 2016

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :15
  • Promo 1: Play On Ultra 1:51
  • On the Libsyn Blog! 2:23
  • Promo 2: Win’s Women Of Wisdom 7:26
  • How to get featured on the show! 7:45
  • Promo 3: The Jeep Talk Show 8:45
  • Rob & Elsie Conversation 9:21
    • Getting right into the feedback! A thank you from a new user
    • Podcasting predictions for 2016.
    • And then there were the crappy podcasting articles that came out at the end of the year, and we discuss.
    • Going deep into programatic insertion technology and why it sucks for you, podcaster.
    • Podcasting a nascent industry? Get out of town.
    • Did you see how awesome the player looks pinned to the top of your Twitter page?
    • How to get your podcast into Spotify - again.
    • The best podcasting newsletter - again.
    • Rob and Elsie share some cool tools they dig
    • What’s the most effective way to share your podcast episode into Facebook - hint - it has nothing to do with enclosure tags.
    • The weird byte-range iTunes error rears it’s ugly head.
    • Looking to go from having some explicit episodes into a complete clean show - what do you do?
    • iTunes messing with podcast release dates? Audio feedback from Tim 47:39
    • What to do when the Amazon Affiliate program doesn’t let you participate? Audio feedback from Win. 51:38
    • iTunes issues do to a wordpress feed and the wrong sized artwork.
    • The Why Did You Leave Us segment premiers!
    • Stats! The Mean and median numbers till the end of 2015.

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