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Jul 8, 2018

Meet Rob and Elsie at Podcast Movement! We’ll have a meet and greet at Reading Terminal on Tuesday, July 24 at 9 am EST!

Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :07
  • Audio Rockin’ Libsyn Podcast: Aviation News Talk 2:40
  • How you can be featured by Libsyn! 8:01
  • PROMO 1: Super Power U 9:28
  • Elsie and Rob Conversation 9:57
    • Why did episode 122 get cut off? And some workflows on what to do so that you can make it as seamless as possible
    • The Google Podcast App update! One, it’s not Google Play Music
    • You do NOT submit your podcast’s RSS feed to Google. It’s all about the code on your website and the Google spider will find it
    • An awesome email from Zack from Google giving us the down-low (and yes you need to listen to get all the info)
    • Is the Google Podcast App native?
    • The updated TOS from Anchor and whether you should use them as a destination for your podcast
    • VOICE FEEDBACK from Jack: why aren’t my episodes showing up on Google? 32:20
    • VOICE FEEDBACK from Mandi: how should someone do business cards for a network? 34:08
    • Is there a way to remove a podcast from the new Google Podcast App?
    • PROMO 2: Pick The Mind Podcast 39:03
    • The 13th annual Podcast Award nomination and registration process is now live!
    • iTunes author tag: great practices and sucky ones
    • VOICE FEEDBACK from Karin: all about chapter markers! 43:23
    • Interesting stats about NY city downloads
    • How the downloads per state/country are determined for mobile devices
    • Rob’s worst email of the past few weeks
    • Congrats to the Reasons I’m Broke podcast on their 300th episode!
    • Why did you leave us segment 50:30
    • Stats on the proportion who accessed a podcast in the last month via Reuters
    • What’s going on with user agent stats and HomePod? Can we see them?
    • Release date vs upload date
    • PROMO 3: Hostile Worlds 1:00:35
    • Stats, stats, stats! Mean and median numbers!
    • Spotify geographical location stats
    • Rob soapbox! All about the Netflix of podcasting

Featured Podcast Promos + Audio

Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro!

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Where is Libsyn Going? (In Real Life)


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