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Jul 21, 2018

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :07
  • Audio Rockin’ Libsyn Podcast: The Bearded Tog 4:14
  • How you can be featured by Libsyn! 6:40
  • PROMO 1: The Soul Mammas Podcast 8:18
  • Elsie and Rob Conversation 8:51
    • Feedback from James Cridland all about the Google Podcast App being native 9:40
    • Some news about Search Engines Journal and podcasts are more popular than blogs?
    • Ooh! Another way to not be accepted by Apple Podcasts and iTunes!
    • How do you put an episode on the “Best of the Podcast” in Apple Podcasts?
    • Concerns about ASCAP and BMI when playing music with permission from he artist on the podcast
    • If you update existing podcast episodes rating from explicit to clean, will it update in Apple Podcasts?
    • There is a process towards having your podcast on Plex! And of course one of our listeners delivered the goods
    • More feedback on enhanced podcasts aka those with chapter markers, this time via the mighty Chris Christensen 31:26
    • How you can use timecodes to facilitate jumping to certain parts of an episode using Overcast #MarcoIsAGenius
    • PROMO 2: Mongobay 39:44
    • Are downloads “a tally of how many times someone clicks a play button?”
    • Commentary on the difference between server side stats and client side stats
    • How to get a date range of stats from initial post date from a podcast episode to 30 days after it was released, easily, within the Libsyn podcast advanced stats
    • Niche advertising rates still win the race and how we paint a picture with the paint and canvas given
    • Podcast download data: it’s not a guessing game, it’s a trend game
    • MP3 are the winners! Always
    • Why does the formatting for shownotes show up all messed up in different places?
    • For any “listens” or audience building to really matter per episode it needs to expand into the next episodes - trend lines must go up
    • S-Town is getting sued, ugh, is there no loyalty? We discuss
    • Oh my! People think that publishers are just now discovering podcasters and signing them to book deals!
    • Moxie has some voice feedback asking when is the best time to release and episode? 1:02:57
    • Why did you leave us segment 1:06:24
    • The worst email in the past 2 weeks - this time it’s Elsie’s
    • Where YOU been? A new segment and a request for a bumper!
    • PROMO 3: Future of Humanity 1:14:25
    • Stats! Geographic and user agent!

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Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro!

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Where is Libsyn Going? (In Real Life)


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